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all of our furniture

are made with both - the kid and the parent in mind

That’s what parent-friendly mean to us:

A children bed that looks good next to your bed. A kid’s table that’s affordable. A play station that’s easy to move around. A mirror that’s easy to clean. Most importantly, a furniture piece that’s perfect for your kid.

We are parents too. We care about our kids and their safety. We want the best for them. But we also know how annoying it is to find something that is functional and child-safe, but just doesn’t look good. Like toys all over the living room or hot pink play station that suits nothing in your apartment. Rūme believes it should be easier. It should be easy to find something that is functional, something that is beautiful and something that is also affordable. 

We really tried for Rūme to be all of those things.


matter to us


in terms of both – ecology and longevity


beautiful in the eyes of the kid and the parent


furniture piece that can adapt to different and grow with the kid


nothing that is more serious than it should be

Rūme is a latvian word for ‘a place’ or ‘a spot’ within a larger environment.
It is a place that is adapted to the age and a spot to grow and develop through play and action. 
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