Kids furniture that fosters creativity,
but does not create chaos

Kids storage furniture book shelf white
Kids bedroom set in white and oak

We are
parents too

We care about our kids and their safety. We want the best for them. But we also know how annoying it is to find something that is functional and child-safe, but just doesn’t look good. Like toys all over the living room or hot pink play station that suits nothing in your apartment.

Enjoyed by
the kid and parent

Our main goal is to build a happy childhood for the kids, also keeping in mind that place for your kid should be not only fun, but also good looking next to your dining table. 

So all of our furniture items are made with both – the kid and the parent – in mind. 

Kids house shaped storage shelf for toys

This is what

describes us best

High quality materials

for the kid’s safety and
the parent’s peace of mind

White kids book and toys shelf

An aesthetic

that suits the parent’s bedroom
and the kid’s room equally
books and toys montessori storage shelf in white

Sustainable products

that save money
and grow with kids
icons for kids furniture chairs in cat, bunn, deer chairs

We stand for being together

Because good things happen when we are close

making big plans

and little funny things

play together

and many tea parties

happy hugs
and big love

and new discoveries every day

& other the most
lovely memories

for both of you

Rūme stickers yours sincerely, smily face and logo

What does Rūme mean?

Rūme (n.) is a latvian word for ‘a place’ or ‘a spot’ within a larger environment.

It is a place that is adapted to the age and a spot to grow and develop through play and action.

And just as easy as that – as our kids blend in our life, our furniture will blend in your living room.