Rūme participates in "Mothers’ collab project"

 We are proud to say that very recently “Rūme” took part in an astonishing adventure – the ‘Mothers’ collab project’.  It brought together several mothers, with younger, older, one or five children, who can, create, and do.  In other words, mothers- entrepreneurs who produce & create wonderful products right here in Latvia.  As part of the project, 45 participants came together with a wide variety of products – furniture, wall stickers & decorations, bed linen, learning materials, planners, and many other cool things.

 This project proved not only that “grey” Latvians (a saying in Latvian describing Latvians as introvert, distant, and without a spark) have the drive and strength, but even more so that we, the mothers, have what it takes and so much more.

 An insight as to how we did can be seen here:

White montessori toy shelf
White house wall shelf for kids
White montessori house bed for kids
White montessori storage shelf

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