An idea for a parent friendly weekend -
a visit to a mini zoo

The weekend’s here and you want to go someplace that would really spark interest in your children as well as be interesting for you but you’ve run out of ideas? Our family suggests going to an animal park. If you don’t get to visit the biggest Zoo in Latvia which is located in Riga (where, of course, the variety of animals is huge), a good option are mini zoos, where even the youngest children can pet the animals. Furthermore, to help you and your family to reduce the time spent searching for a mini zoo, we have prepared a list of recommendations for animal parks here in Latvia.

Mini zoo in Kurzeme:

  •  Silavas, Saldus district
  • Atomi, Nīcas district
  • Zemturi, Kuldīgas district
  • Dudagas eksotiskie dzīvnieki, Talsu district
  • Upeskalni, Talsu district
  • Rīga Zoo filiāle Cīruļi, Dienvidkurzemes district
  • Strauss un kaza, Kulīgas district

Mini zoo in Zemgale:

  • Lauku sēta, Jelgavas district
  • Dobuļi, Bauskas district
  • Karlīnas mini zoo, Aizkraukles district
  • Truši Lielaucē, Auces district
  • Zaļumnieku sēta, Jēkabpils district

Mini zoo in Vidzeme:

  •  Siguldas zoo, Siguldas district
  • Rakši zoo, Amatas district
  • Skaistkrasti, Ikšķiles district
  • Mini Kuiviž zoo, Salacgrīvas district
  • Kalna lāči zoo, Madonas district
  • Mežiņi, Valmieras district
  • Z/S Priedītes, Limbažu district
  • Dzīvo sapņu dārzs, Ādažu district
  • Zoo rezidence, Salaspils district

Mini zoo in Latgale:

  • Ranžo Ozolmājas, Balvu district
  • Jurita mini zoo, Daugavpils district
  • Mini zoo Rozīte, Rēzeknes district
  • Baložu sēta, Ciblas district
  • Mežsētas, Rugāju district
  • Akati, Krāslavas district
Sigulda zoo
Jurita mini zoo

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