Last minute gift idea for Father's day

Still undecided on what to gift on Father’s Day, and whether a gift is even necessary? 

We’d say yes – celebrate all happy events because it’s better than being sad about misfortunes!  Besides, the best gifts are those given from the heart!  Nowadays, there are many options – a homemade video made up of several clips filmed on the phone, a drawing or something handmade by the little ones.

When the child has already started to talk a little, in our home, describing all the things we love about dad seems like a cool idea.  Moreover, it can be done over the course of several years, saving and comparing the descriptions.  Ask your children questions and write down the interesting answers!  This will be a very nice gift that will make for a fond memory!

 To make this process easier for you, we have prepared and formatted the questions. All you have to do is print & fill in!  We recommend printing the poster in A4 format, and for a more beautiful result, print it on a slightly thicker paper, which can then be wrapped with a ribbon or decorated with your favourite sticker!

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